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The Capabilities of Midwest Imaging and Roller Services Inc.

Laser Engraving

We specialize in providing laser engraved, elastomeric covered cylinders, sleeves and plates. Our elastomeric compounds are specifically designed to withstand the aggressive nature of solvent based as well as water based ink systems. 

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Elastomeric ITR Coverings

Our elastomeric covered rolls and sleeves can be used in a wide variety of printing or mechanical applications.  We can cover up to 136" on the face and 24" in diameter. 

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Flexographic Printing Plates

Midwest Imaging and Roller Services was one of the first manufacturers of molded rubber plates and we continue to provide that service for the Flexographic industry. Common rubber compounds are natural, nitrile, and EPDM, and certain specialty materials are also available.

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Managing Print

The global demands for printed packaging require manufacturers to be as efficient as possible and to reduce operating costs. Midwest Imaging and Roller Services sleeve system accommodates inline and offline printing applications, and can provide continuous print with no seams or gaps.

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